How to stop child convulsion? 1

How to stop child convulsion?

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Table of content

  • What is Child convulsion?
  • What are the symptom of child convulsion?
  • How to stop child convulsion?
  • How to put an end to child convulsion using natural remedies?
  • How to stop child convulsion using home remedy?

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What is Child Convulsion?
Child convulsion is a seizure in young children that is caused by the body muscles contracting and relaxing rapidly and repeatedly.
Research made from Google about child convulsion
 How to stop child convulsion? 2
Symptoms of Child Convulsion
Some of the symptoms of child convulsion include; shaking of the arms and legs, increase in body temperature, unconsciousness for some minutes, difficulty in breathing, abnormal rotation of the eyes.
There are major symptoms you should be focus on and you need to be observant in knowing this obvious symptoms and inform your doctor swiftly as well.
Child Convulsion Natural Remey
Ingredients: Urine, Palm Kernel oil (Udeaku)
Preparation: Mix the early morning urine of the child with three spoonful of palm kernel oil (udeaku). Let the child drink all at once.
Dosage: once Daily for 3 days
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Take Note:  Its more than just child convulsion, why? You may ask, its because it can happen to anyone whether a child or mature individual. Stay safe always for your own good
 How to stop child convulsion? 3
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