How to treat Cholera using Natural Home Remedy 1

How to treat Cholera using Natural Home Remedy

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In this part of the world, we take things that’s of serious focus with little or no attention. Topic of concentration is Cholera, very simple which many of us do ignore but we forget that water is life and it’s very essential to health. Down to the issue of cholera, what is cholera and what can cause it?

How to treat Cholera using Natural Home Remedy

What to learn?

  •  How to treat Cholera with home remedy?
  •  What can be used to treat Cholera?
  •  What are the Symptoms of Cholera?
  •  How can we prevent Cholera?
  •  What is Cholera?

What is Cholera?

Cholera is an infectious disease contacted by consuming contaminated food or water. Cholera is caused by a bacterium called vibrio-cholera.

The search we got from Google on the Topic of Cholera, read through the image and see professional speak on what cholera is

 How to treat Cholera using Natural Home Remedy 2

The Image share the latest review search on the out drop or rate of Cholera Here In Nigeria

How to treat Cholera using Natural Home Remedy 2
Symptoms of Cholera
The Symptom of Cholera include; stooling and vomiting, Diarrhea, Dehydration.

Cholera Natural Remedy

Ingredients: Local gin, Sugar, Salt
Preparation: Mix 1 shot of local gin, 3 cubes of sugar, 1.5 level spoon of salt together and drink at once. This gives instant result.
Dosage: Drink the mixture at once. It will stop immediately.
This might look awkward but it worth trying, for it helps make you better. We Care about you and Health is our primary objective.
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